Products & Technology

GroGuru’s sensors provide highly accurate, affordable, and reliable sensors that are easy to install and maintain. Real-time access to data is available on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Services such as irrigation scheduling and threshold-based alerts are supported through monthly subscription.

Accuracy & Reliability

  • High accuracy and precision measurements

  • Targeted multi-zone collection of soil moisture, salinity, and temperature

  • Dependable, secure, cloud backed-up data

Actionable Intelligence

  • Alerts when temperature, moisture, salinity exceed thresholds

  • Irrigation scheduling, when to water and how much

  • Minimizes pollution to water table

  • real-time deduction of irrigation system maintenance issues

Easy & Low-cost Installation & Maintenance

  • Low power, wide area wireless from sensor to collector/base station

  • Low capital expense

  • Low operational expense