What We Do for You

GroGuru enables growers to efficiently utilize limited water resources to help manage costs by providing them with real time and historical soil moisture, salinity, and temperature data.

Provide recommendations about the right amount of water at the right time

Provide recommendations about the right level of salinity for your crop to thrive

Watch out for the health of your irrigation system

How Do We Do It

  • GroGuru solution provides growers with soil sensors and pressure transducers

  • Soil sensors measure soil moisture, soil salinity and soil temperature

  • Pressure transducer measures the pressure in the irrigation pipes

  • Devices are connected to a highly reliable & easy to install telemetry system that works off batteries
  • Data and Recommendations are made available to the Growers using three different ways : iOS/iPad apps, webapp and weekly report in email


  • Highly precise and certified soil sensors

  • Military grade with greater than 99.99% uptime

  • Install sensors at right locations on a farm

  • Ten minute install at each location

  • Return on investment of less than a year
  • Customer Feedback

  • Easy to install and low maintenance

  • Weekly report is outstanding

  • No sensor calibration needed

  • Cost is attractive

  • Positive water savings
  • GroGuru

  • World class team of experts in soil sensors, agronomy and wireless

  • Next Generation Soil Sensors – accurate, reliable and very easy to install.

  • Soil Sensors passed SWAT (Smart Water Application Technologies) from Irrigation Association – testing conducted by CIT Fresno
  • Featured Deployments

    The GroGuru solution is used by growers of various crops. The solution can be easily tailored to the crop. We next show some deployment examples in different types of crops.

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